Old Man Fu


Real Name: Fu Xiang (known as “Old Man Fu”)
Player: Brett B.
Theme: 84-year-old Martial Artist
Build: 20 points for nonpowered human; +10 when character’s powers trigger
Motto: “Old age is underrated.”

Primary Attributes
Strength: (STR) 3
Speed: (SPD) 3
Dexterity: (DEX) 4
Endurance: (END) 4
Intelligence: (INT) 4
Willpower: (WIL) 4
Accuracy: (ACC) 4

Secondary Attributes
Defense: (DEF) 4
Initiative: (INI) * 4
*Hit Points: (HP)
Energy: (ENE) 12/12

• Martial Artist (3)
• Spot Weakness (
• Medicine/Herbology (+1)

• Need to help anyone in need, regardless of consequence (-3)
• Preoccupation with Martial Arts (-2)
• Minor limp (-1)

• Born in Foshan, China in 1930 by native woman who died during childbirth.
• Adopted by a local family.
• Began studying martial arts at age 5.
• Discovered to be martial arts prodigy.
• By age 15 (1945), competed in competitions and illegal street fights for money.
• Saved up enough money to travel all over China to study under the masters.
• Traveled back and forth between China and the United States in later decades.
• Was visiting the United States in 1999 when Apocalypse’s invasion began.
• In 2014, ended up in Maine for the mass evacuation by Sentinels to Bristol, England.

Old Man Fu

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